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Our vineyard is one of the northernmost vineyards in Poland. We were enchanted by this place in 2011 when we visited that place first time. 
A beautiful brick Dutch mill stands on a hill that slopes towards a small pond and is protected from the wind by a row of trees.
For us, despite the November weather, this place seemed magical.

We have established a vineyard in the area of ​​1 hectare. We started to create wines that not only liked us, but won recognition at various competitions.

We deepen the knowledge about wines, the methods of their production, depending on where they are produced (beautifully called terroir) during the trips of the guilty and more. We have always traveled a lot, both privately and because of our professions. While visiting Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Croatia, Italy, Germany, Spain, POrtugal and Georgia, we had many opportunities to observe, learn and consult how wine is produced. To taste the wines in the place where they originated. Each stage of wine production is important to us. We are also happy to share this knowledge.

The clay soil of our vineyard hides a lot of minerals, which affects the taste of our wines from the following grapes: Pinot Noir, Seyval Blanc, Chardonnay, Solaris, Regent, Rondo, Leon Miilot, Allegro, Muscaris and Hibernal.

Today our wines can be found in good restaurants, for example in the MUGA restaurant in Poznań or…. in Cracow. Our wines also went to Dublin.
Ingrid i Mirosław Krasnowscy

Our wines

Briefly, they can be described as “wines without unnecessary additives” or pure wines that fit 100% in the philosophy of “clean wine”, which follows the trend of returning to pure food without preservatives. Below, we describe each wine in our offer in more detail.

Still wine labels are decorated with paintings from the Zodiac Signs series by Władysław Gałka. You can read more about this amazing artist on our blog.

After years of existence of these wines on the market, everyone has got used to buying Gemini, Taurus or Leo wine and they have the right paintings by Władek Gałka in their heads.

The second line of wines in which we specialize are PET-NAT sparkling wines. The name comes from the French pétillant-naturel meaning natural effervescence. These are the wines produced by the so-called the Merret method. Secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle, the bottle is closed with a cap, and the wine is with sediment.

These wines have a label worthy of unruly wines, even a bit ‘vandalous’, their creator is NORIAKI, an artist from Poznań, who started his work as a street artist. He is the creator of Watcher – a characteristic, periscope-like figure, appearing in various places, especially in Poznań. A nice, black and white figurine can be unexpectedly find while walking around the city.

Considering the nature of Pet-Nat wines and NORIAKI’s style of operation, we asked Noriaki for a label for these wines. The choice fell on graphics BARCELONA.

And that’s how our PET-NATs were named: Barcelona White, Pink and Red.



Red semi-dry wine 2020

Red, calm, semi-dry wine made from Allegro (40%), Regent (40%), Leon Milot (20%) varieties.
The nose is fruity, with a slight scent of cherries and blackberries. There are accents of heavier flowers. In the mouth we have confirmation of the aroma sensations, and you can clearly feel the tannins, as the wine has been aged for 12 months in a Pinot Noir oak barrel in Burgundy. The wine is semi-dry, and the parameters confirm it: sugar – 12.6 g / l, acids – 6.3 g / l and extract – 34.8 g / l. The alcohol content is 11%. It is perfect for both delicate meats, pates and not too spicy and delicate cheeses. The vines were harvested by hand from a single plot of land.


Long macerated white wine (also called orange) 2020

Dry white wine, long macerated (with an orange-salmon color) produced from the Solaris variety. Manual collection from a single lot. Macerated for 14 days on the skins, fermented in a steel tank at a low temperature (10-12 degrees), and then matured for 12 months in a Burgundy oak barrel after Pinot Noir !. A delicate dye tinted the wine with an unusual orange-salmon color. The nose of the wine combines the accents of the variety, the stylistic qualities of orange wines and the delicate influence of the barrel. The wine captivates with aromas of peaches, nectarines, oranges, but you can also find accents of candied passion fruit, powdered sugar and vanilla. A bergamot flower appears in the other nose. The wine is dry, there is little residual sugar (1.7 g / l). The delicate tannin resulting from the style is extremely subtle and emphasizes the complex nature of the wine. The fruit is juicy and pleasantly acidic, which makes tasting this wine a great pleasure. The taste is dominated by greenhouse plum, nectarine and Antonówka. A hint of almond appears at the finish. The wine has 12% alcohol.


Leo Reserva 2017/2018, Sweet white wine

The basis for this wine was the Seyval Blanc from 2017, which in 2018 was refined with the Italian ripasso method with late-harvested partially potritized Solaris. Manual collection from one lot. The wine matured in a Burgundy oak barrel after Pinot Noir for 18 months. Ripe candied tropical fruits feel in the nose, and in the mouth the sweetness is balanced by high acids (over 9g). Perfect for desserts with acidic accents.


Pisces (2018)

Red dry wine, very elegant, smooth. The bouquet has a well-balanced, fruity (strawberry, cranberry, cherry, forest fruit) with a floral addition. Entirely made from the Pinot Noir strain, hand harvested, from a single plot.
You feel that the wine is already arranged, it is no longer young wine, but to enrich the experience, we suggest opening the bottle 12 hours (or more) before consumption. Thanks to this, we let the wine breathe, the tannins will lay great and the way that is characteristic of the Pinot Noir strain, you can feel greater smoothness and a longer finish.

A unique feature of Pinot Noir wines is – much higher resveratrol content than in other wines. This unusual substance does not affect the taste and smell of wine, but has a very good effect on the human body. Not only is it a natural antibiotic, it has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, it also rejuvenates and slims you.

How to buy

You can buy our wine in three ways:

1. During a meeting with us in the vineyard or during tastings

2. By writing to us at – then we will arrange the method of wine delivery.

You can contact with us via FB or Messenger as well.

3. In good winery shops and restaurants. 

We do not have a fixed list of recipients, but please contact us, then we will let you know where our wines are currently available.

In Poznan our wines are offered by wine shop TASTING ROOM (Plac A.Asnyka 1)


Need a consultation, advice, help or answer to your wine making questions?
Mirek Krasnowski, a chemist by education, a winemaker by passion, creator of award-winning wines, willingly shares his knowledge.
Write to the following address:

Pasja Winiarza

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We invite you for a tasting in our vineyard or other agreed  location.

Please contact us:

phone: +48 668695467


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